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07.14.12 -- Today is the first day of the 2012 Sonar Music Conference in Barcelona. I am super excited to be here.

02.02.12 -- Kick it Off With a Bang!
It's February and I'm already 3 events behind. Well, I'm actually a YEAR behind, but no use dwelling there! Last year's romps through Japan, The USA, South America, Europe, Canada and Australia on the Mothership was all I could keep up with!! You can always check Facebook and Twitter for more frequent bloggings: & "shaunndogg" on Twitter. Also, check out for music updates!!

I spent New Years Eve watching my favorite DJ and electronic music inspiration, Amon Tobin, do his ISAM show at the Sea of Dreams NYE event extravaganza in San Francisco. Let me just say that the hype around his visual presentation is well deserved, and I was delighted being there to experience the NEXT level in live concert visuals.

Above: NYE Seaof Dreams in San Francisco - Amon Tobins' ISAM, mind bending live video
Next, I packed up and headed for Southern California to attend NAMM 2012, where I did a live demo for Seymour Duncan with Karen Cuda ( Bassist of Nashville Pussy), saw amazing products like KMI's QuNeo, bumped into Stevie Wonder at the Moog booth, saw Bootsy and his band including Razor Sharp, Frakie Kash Waddy, Blackbyrd McNight, and Bernie Worrel, live at the John Lennon Educational Bus, saw cool peeps like Treylewd, Kimmy, Eric McFadden, Sharla, Mike Hampton, it was like a family reunion down there. And the best part was the last night, Bernie Worell Orchestra at THe Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles, I was honored to sit in on Gamin' On Ya, but the coolest part was that I played through my iPod with the iRig, using Amplitube, and running into Bernies' LeslieCabinet via a power amp. NOw that's what I call making it happen! I miss my P-Funk family, and will be skipping the upcoming tours to heal from a head concussion / neck & shoulder injury. Concussions can be serious, and touring is about the worst place to be when dealing with one, so I am hoping I can get well and get back to the road. IN the meantime,…

Above: Dropping Love Bombs with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic 2011
Below: NAMM 2012 - PFunk Family Portait: Frankie, Bootsy, Delphine, Eric McFadden, Shaunna Hall

The International Spring & Summer 2010 Tour begins in Las Vegas May 28.
We will hit Brooklyn, Chicago, Chattanooga, Aspen, Anaheim,
and Glastonbury, UK, on this 30 city tour.
For a complete list of tour dates, Click this link: LIVE

On a very serious note, veteran P-Funk member, Garry Shider, aka
Diaper Man, is fighting cancer. He was out on the last tour, remaining
brave and dedicated to the funk. Now, he is in treatment. Keep him in your
thoughts, and make a pledge today to the Garry Shider medical fund by following the link below:
Click here to go to the Garry Shider Medical Fund

There are already folks who have been generous and quick to help Garry,
including Meters drummer extraordinary, Zigaboo Modeliste,
with special guest Paul Shafer, in an after Jazz Fest benefit at Tipatina's.
George Clinton and the majority of the funk mob took the
famous stage and played several numbers, including Flashlight.

Above: Benefit at Tipitina's with Zigaboo Modeliste, Paul Shafer and half
of the P-Funk Mob, including yours truly ( in the back with the pink guitar)

if you want to follow me on twitter, my user name is Shaunndogg
Have a Funky Beautiful Day, Y'all!!

05.16.10 -- Let The Funk Shine In
The Mothership has been landing all over the place so far this year, will 3 US and Canada Tours already
this year, with stops in New York, way down upon the Sauwanee River, The New Orleans Jazz Fest, Houston iFest, and most spots in between,

Above: In the ATL with Hype Man and his Funk-stang;
Below: In the ATL putting the Funk down at Club Masquerade

Above: Stubb's BBQ in Austin, TX

The International Spring & Summer 2010 Tour begins in Las Vegas May 28.
We will hit Brooklyn, Chicago, Chattanooga, Aspen, Anaheim,
and Glastonbury, UK, on this 30 city tour.
For a complete list of tour dates, Click this link: LIVE

On a very serious note, veteran P-Funk member, Garry Shider, aka
Diaper Man, is fighting cancer. He was out on the last tour, remaining
brave and dedicated to the funk. Now, he is in treatment. Keep him in your
thoughts, and make a pledge today to the Garry Shider medical fund by following the link below:
Click here to go to the Garry Shider Medical Fund

There are already folks who have been generous and quick to help Garry,
including Meters drummer extraordinary, Zigaboo Modeliste,
with special guest Paul Shafer, in an after Jazz Fest benefit at Tipatina's.
George Clinton and the majority of the funk mob took the
famous stage and played several numbers, including Flashlight.

Above: Benefit at Tipitina's with Zigaboo Modeliste, Paul Shafer and half
of the P-Funk Mob, including yours truly ( in the back with the pink guitar)

if you want to follow me on twitter, my user name is Shaunndogg
Have a Funky Beautiful Day, Y'all!!

01.27.10 -- Happy Funkin' New Year People!!
Much has occurred since this sight was updated. Check out the facebook link above,
as well as the new STORE feature on the reverbnation widget above.
You can now buy Electrofunkadelica merch from ReverNation.

During the second half of 2009, P-Funk visited Europe twice,

Above: AVO Sessions in Basel, Switzerland

as well as the Tokyo Jazz Festival, and Honored George Clinton with the BMI Icon Award in NYC at the BMI Urban Music Awards.

Above: BMI Icon Award was presented to George Clinton in NYC September 2009

Electrofunkadelica played shows in Asheville, NC, San Francisco,
Oaksterdam, The Santa Cruz Y2K9 International Live Looping Festival and Barcelona,
including opening up for P-Funk at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco last August.

Above: Electrofunkadelica opens for P-Funk at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco 8-31-09

BB Kink debuted on the P-Funk stage early in the year, made a guest appearance
with the Eric McFadden Trio at the Cafe DuNord in San Francisco and made a triumphant
return to Barcelona at the 7 Sins Bar & Music Lounge in December.

Above: BB Kink & Pinko ( Paula O'Rourke ) at 7 Sins in Barcelona December 2009

Above: Electrofunkadelica with Kevin Carnes at the
Y2K9 International Live Looping Fest in Santa Cruz, October 2009

Electrofunkadelica and Shaunna Hall visited the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC
and was allowed to borrow the revolutionary Moog Guitar, an instrument that has
created many possibilities of new ways to hear six strings over a fret board.

Above: Shaunna Hall at the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC trying out the Moog Guitar

The year 2009 was awesome, in a word.

2010 is off to a stellar start. Shaunna Hall made the annual trek to Anaheim for the 2010 NAMM Show.
Special thanks to Randy & Jessica at Artist Relations and the folks at Seymour Duncan for hooking me up so
nicely!! Among the highlights - Meeting Seymour Duncan, get a new N-Tune for my Pink Paisley Teley, Trying out
Pigtronix latest stomp boxes, including the phenomenal Echolution Golden Ration Delay w/ Modulation,
and The Mothership, a sub-bass synth for guitar and bass.
In fact, I watched Bootsy check it out and he gave it two fingers up \m/ !!

Above: Shaunna posin' with THE Batmobile at NAMM 2010

Hangin' with my pal Brian Kehoe and all the cool guys at Jim Dunlop, the Coffin Cases
party featuring the ripping Iron Maidens, testing the Vocoders at Electro Harmonix - I settled on
the Iron Lung for it's compactness and ease of use for my pedal board,
getting my friend and former teacher Jim Campilongo to sign a Fender Guitars promo photo,
and basically seeing my peeps at DR Strings, Mesa Boogie, Ableton, James Trussart,
Bruce Zinky & Supro Amps, Remo Drums, Akai, Nady and Daisy Rock Guitars.
Seymour Duncan threw a GREAT party, as did Moog Instruments where they actually
shared an incredibly insightful voice recording of Bob Moog
explaining how to use the very FIRST keyboard he had made to the artist he made it for.
His daughter Michelle, also spoke about the exciting plans for the Moogseum
and the existing Bob Moog Foundation. I recommend that you check out what they are into at
Please support the Bob Moog Foundation in
any way you can!!
And last, but NOT least, I was honored to join Eric McFadden in Los Angeles
for a show at Molly Malone's as a guest.

Above: Molly Malone's , Los Angeles with Eric McFadden,
Becky Wreck, Karen Cuda & Shaunna Hall

I played Super Stoopid with Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) on bass and then,
Karen Cuda ( Nashville Pussy ) for the Stooges classic, TV Eye.
Drummer Becky Wreck was in the House, as was Sarah "The Salt Shaker" Fritz.
THAT was a rock show!!
The next night, I sat in with Trullio Disgracias at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip.
THAT was a funk show!
What a great trip!!

7.4.09 -- P-Funk Summer Tour 2009 is gonna be tha BOMB!!
July 7, P-Funk kicks off the summer 2009 tour. With coast to coast shows in the USA, and European hotspots including Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris, P-Funk will be bringing the funk to the masses!
For a complete list of tour dates, Click this link: LIVE

The South American shows were amazingly successful. The energy was HIGH! Mucho amor por la gente!!
Thanks to all the folks who made P-Funk feel so much at home. We will be back ASAP! Check for late fall/early winter 2009.
Photo below: La Trastienda, Buenos Aires, May 2009.

Photo below: Santiago, Chile, May 2009

5.13.09 -- Nos Vemos !!! P-Funk South American Tour Dates

South America 2009 Tour:

19, 20, 21, 22 Y 23 May in La Trastienda Club
Balcarce 460 - Buenos Aires Ð Argentina
POINT OF SALES: and La Trastienda Club

Chile: 25 May - INDUSTRIA CULTURAL Cueto 1470 on the corner of Balmaceda - Santiago - Chile

And a shout out to John Harrison , creator of Tone Tubby Hemp Cone Speakers, for loading up my cabinet with the best speakers I have ever heard. And they are made from HEMP! Phat and Sturdy!! THANKS JOHN!!

Come Celebrate 420 Weekend with Electrofunkadelica featuring Shaunna Hall and The BB KINK Show the Bordello in Oakland, CA
SUNDAY night April 19 1247 East 12th St. & 13th Ave Oaksterdam, CA
with Special Guest Paula O'Rourke and Video by Stefan G., the Original VJ.

ANd.... Electrofunkadelica featuring Shaunna Hall & Jerome Rogers will open up 2 shows for P-Funk on the upcoming Spring 2009 tour - May 1 in New Orleans and May 8 in Kansas City. The tour begins in florida April 23rd, and continues until May 16 in New Hampshire. For a complete list of tour dates, Click this link: LIVE

3.20.09 -- Funky Soul-stice 2 U, One(reverb)Nation Under a Equinoxical Groove!, Happy Birthday Sly Stone!!!

Above: Funkin' Up BB Kings Feb. 2009 Below: BB KINK guest appearance with P-Funk at the 9:30 Club Feb. 2009 Photos by: Snabby

Happy Spring Equinox everybody!! Spring Break is going great, flashing light lasts longer and longer each day. Every day is a new beginning. P-Funk will be hitting the road in late April, beginning with St. Pete, FL and ending in Indianapolis. For a complete list of dates, check the LIVE link.
And speaking of new beginnings, Electrofunkadelica is now available on ReverbNation, a cool place to find out what's up with shows, videos, songs and even exclusive tracks like live versions and remixes not available anywhere else. You can see for yourself below on this cool new widget with links to everything in one place:

Use the Mailing List link on the widget above to sign up for an Electrofunkadelica newsletter and show alerts.

Sly Stone with a GUITAR next to George Clinton March 2009

And..Sly Stone celebrated his FIRST ever birthday party @ Zanzibar in Santa Monica March 15. George was there, Sly performed with his band and P-Funk members Malia Queen of Funk Franklin, Tracey Lewis, Kim Manning, Ronkat, Shaunna, Poo Poo Man, Ricky Rouse and more family joined George on the stage to salute the Birthday Boy.
Also performing that night were Baby Stone, featuring Itai Shapira and Novena.Carmel "Stone"

Above: Sly Stone B-Day Party: L-R Mark's Friend, Mark Davis, Shaunna Hall

1.31.09 -- 2009 is Right on Time!!!


Happy Obama Day, indeed!! The picture above was taken just after watching the inauguration on the hotel TV. Later that night, we were joined by Sly Stone (Again!!) at the Red , White & Blue Heroes Ball at the historic Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. We played for the wounded US Military and their families, and seriously funked up DC while we were at it!!

Benny, Sly Stone, Shaunna, Frankie and G @ the Nokia Theatre, LA

The first 2009 tour was quite exciting, kicking things off in San Francisco New Year's Eve 2009, and progressing toward the freezing midwest, we had great audiences everywhere we went. Despite the snow and sub-zero temps, the funk was delivered safe and sound. Sly Stone made three amazing guest appearances, each time bringing pure and uncut funky thangs only He can bring to the stage!! I am so looking forward to the next sh*t!!! We start again on the east coast February 20 in New Haven, CT. and will hit NYC, Boston, DC, Miami, and many more... !
For a list of tour dates, Click the LIVE link: LIVE

NYE 2009 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco
photo: delphine de St. Paer Suter

12.27.08 -- 2008 has been pretty great, FREE YOUR MIND in 2009!!

my winter break from the mothership has been full of rest, catching up, clearing out,
keeping in touch, feeling the funk and staying focused.

Bernie Worrell & Shaunna Hall @ the Boom Boom Room, SF Nov. 14, 2008

Bernie Worrell graced us with his new Woo Warriors, playing 4 Northern California dates, allowing me the honor to join him in SF and Berkeley. Ronkat and his amazing Katdelic Revival provided one of the best backing bands I have ever seen Bernie play in front of, too!; Eric McFadden had a birthday bash that yeilded among other things a near reunion of the Experience - Eric, Paula, Sam, Ben and I played 3 classics - Freaks Like Us, If All is Lost, and Hey Joey - all from the "Our Revels Now Are Ended" CD at Club Amnesia for the first time in almost 10 years; and today, we are quickly approaching the next P-Funk U.S. Tour starting Dec. 31 in San Francisco at the Warfield Theatre. I could not ask for a better transition into the new year.

I got a message from the mothership: we are all set to jet, and I'd like to say, I am ready to ride in 2009!!!
May we all feel the forward motion of this evolution, and that crazy little thing called love! Be the change!!!
Happy New Year Everybody! - Peace and Love to Everyone - No Exceptions!!!!
For a list of tour dates, Click the LIVE link: LIVE

View Electrofunkadelica / Shaunna Hall's EPK
View Electrofunkadelica / Shaunna Hall's EPK

Electrofunkadelica, Shaunna Hall's producer project release, is available for purchase at the following outlets:
For more information, press the link above.

"CD Baby"

10.08.08-- ROCK-TOBER 2008
Shaunna Hall and Kevin Carnes played two shows last week in SF, rocking rocktober proper. BB KINK also made a stink at the Anon Salon party. And boy do those guys know how to throw a party!! Special thanks to VJ Stefan G. and Liquid Lights Steve.
Falling back into the downtime from the road touring, Shaunna Hall has started work on new Electrofunkadelica recordings that will be released in 2009. BB KINK, a new drag king charachter developed and performed by Shaunna, will feature largely in the next E*FUNK offering. .
And comming soon... NYE SF with P*FUNK!! P-Funk plays San Francisco's Warfield Theatre, with the Greyboy Allstars. 2009 is already fine by me!

Electrofunkadelica featuring Shaunna Hall & Kevin Carnes will perform twice in SF this week.
The Get Connected Summit 2008, hosted by Pyramind , SF, is a muisc, technology and culture conference. The live showcase takes place Thursday Oct. 2 at 3pm, LIVE
ALSO::: Saturday Oct. 4, 2008, E*FUNK plays the ANON SALON "Love 'R Us" party LOVE FEST 08 AFTERPARTY with Electrofunkadelica and BB KINK, and loads of lovely activities such as absinthe bar, mini disco, art galleries and a rooftop lounge
The BB KINK show fuses electronica, electric blues and kinky go go dancers. and it's a drag king show!! 11:30 -1am, 9th & Folsom (The Climate Theatre), San Francisco.

08.17.08-- Summer of Love 2008
P-Funk hits it one more time, for European Dates, click. LIVE
Shaunna will also stop in Barcelona Sept. 12 at Sala Monasterio with Electrofunkadelica and BB KINK.

05.19.08 -- Spring Fever - E*Funk Plays with P-Funk 06.07.08

Shaunna had another great P-Funk tour of the south, and northeast. Her favorite stops on the tour were in North Carolina: Ashville, where she toured the Moog factory with some of the band members, and caught a glimpse of the future in the newly developed Moog Guitar. Moog video taped her playing the prototype, and a mutual admiration society was born.
Raliegh was rockin', especially at the aftershow show, with Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band. Shaunna joined them for an bouncy big booty song, and more P-Funk family graced the stage throughout their funky party. Thank you Tall John, John-Paul, Derrick, Joshua and all the Big Bootys! And Thank You North Carolina!!!

P-Funk is Kicking off another leg of it's North American tour May 23, this time ending up in Humbolt County's Sum Funk Festival Saturday June 7....Electrofunkadelica will also be in the line-up!!!! For a complete calendar click here LIVE

04.20.08 -- Happy Chronikah, Ya'll!!!

Video: P-Funk live in Moscow March 2008 - Cosmic Slop

2008 has really been great! P-Funk went to Moscow (see video above) and South East Asia for the very first time, and is about to take off in the mothership for some US dates!! For a complete calendar click here LIVE

Shaunna also was a guest at the Lady Miss Kier show in SF, playing guitar alongside Broun Fellini's Kevin Carnes, Kirk and David Boyce, and fellow guitarists Michael Cavaseno and Ronkat Spearman. That sh*t was the BOMB, too!! Then , a few days later, Shaunna joined EMT (Eric McFadden Trio) Bernie Worrel and Jerry Harrison for a night of friendly and funky music, at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma. Life is great in 2008!!

01.24.08 -- Electrofunkadelica Plays Chico!! Feb. 9, 2008
Shaunna Hall and Electrofunkadelica will be opening up for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic in Chico, CA on Saturday February 9, 2008. It happens at The Senator Theatre

February begins the first leg of the 2008 George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic tour, beginning with Humbolt California on February 8, and ending in North Carolina February 28. For a complete calendar click here LIVE


01.17.08 -- What's News?
The New Year is shaping up, with the first few months busy with a variety of activities. January is the customary month of NAMM, the annual convention bringing together the National Association of Music Merchants. Shaunna will be representing James Trussart Guitars , and visiting all her gear makers booths. Check out Shaunna's newest video, "Second Wind", which features her James Trussart Steele Paul guitar on the "video" page. Shaunna will also sit in with her good friends, Eric McFadden, Paula O'Rourke and Wally Ingram at Gengis Cohen in Hollywood on Friday 1-18-08, for an acoustic set. The fun starts at 8:30pm.

Later in January on the 31st, Shaunna will be giving a guest lecture at Pyramind Institute for Advanced Digital Audio Training. in San Francisco as part of the Entrepreneur 101 Class.
January 31, 2008 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
The award winning Media and Music Production School is located at 832 Folsom St., SF

01.03.08 --HAPPY 2008 - IT'S GONNA BE GRRRRREAT!!!!!!
Welcome the new year, cheers to your health and happiness, blessings to all beings, peace and love to everyone - NO EXCEPTIONS!!

12.14.07 -- New Video!
San Francisco VJ Steffan G. has created a new video for Stellar Evolution. Check it out on my "video" page

12.05.07 -- I Got My Second Life!
Electrofunkadelica plays Second Life "Festival of Fire" Saturday Dec. 8, 2007 at 7:30 pm SLT (PST)
Electrofunkadelica featuring Shaunna Hall and special guest Gabby La La will perform a live streamed 50 minute set, with visuals, as part of the first Second Life music festaval, "Festival of Fire" sponsored by SonicBIds, and takes place "in-life" at the "House of Flames" Grand Ballroom. You will need to get a FREE account "here" and learn your way around SL in order to hear this show, so check it out today!! Virtual IS real!!!.

11.15.07 -- E*FUNK PLAYS SAN FRANCISCO!!! Electrofunkadelica featuring Shaunna Hall (George Clinton & P-Funk, 4 Non Blondes) and Kevin Carnes (Broun Fellinis) plays Friday November 23, 2007 at "12 Galaxies" 2565 Mission St. , in San Francisco opening for 420 Funk Mob and Drugs.

Guitarist and Producer Shaunna Hall, (George Clinton & P-Funk, 4 Non Blondes) will perform selections from her recent independent solo release, "Electrofunkadelica: e3+FUNKnth= music for the body, mind & soul" (2006 Make Music, not war! ), and from other musical projects from her career. Shaunna will perform on guitar, accompanied by electronic sources such as laptop computers, and musical looping samplers, along side local genius drummer Kevin Carnes (Broun Fellinis) and expected musical guests. Visual presentations will include the 3 videos from two Disc set (which contains 3 videos and 12 tracks) and the original VJ Steffan G.

10.03.07 -- Shaunna Hall was made an official Funkadelic prior to the spring 2007 tour, and has been fufilling guitar duties as the FIRST female guitarist in P-Funk history. Pictured below: P-Funk Live 6.29.07 in San Javier, Spain

9.04.07 W.E.F.U.N.K. #1 from the P-Funk tour
Do Not Attempt to Adjust your Radio...This Podcast is more than enough...
MY LIFE AS A DOGG ( Just Press & Listen )

7.17.07 -- Tuesday July 24, Shaunna Hall will perform a solo show in Barcelona at "Monasterio"
Passeig Isabel II, 4 Barcelona

5.29.07 -- Saturday June 2, Shaunna Hall will join George Clinton at Crash Club, SF. Also Appearing are Ronkat and his Katdelic Revival. "CRASH" NIGHTCLUB S.F. 34 MASON St., San Francisco

5.1.07 -- Shaunna Hall will tour the US with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic May 3rd to May 20, 2007. Check the calendar here: LIVE

4.10.07 -- Shaunna will be a guest on KUSF late Saturday night April 14 between 2 and 3 am, visiting DJ Ron Quintana, a KUSF institution, and good friend. San Francisco Bay Area peeps can tune into 90.3 FM, everyone else can find a stream at

4.09.07 -- 2007 has been a good year so far....Completing one US Tour with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, highlights included a visit to KUSF while in San Francisco for a Fillmore show March 9, to talk about Electrofunkadelica and play some tracks for the people. Ronkat's Katdelic Revival opened the Fillmore show to roaring approval.

PFUNK1 reports on the 04.09.07 KUSF interview for JefferyTV:

The next night, Shaunna joined a legion of friends and family for Tiffany Travalent's benefit at 12 Galaxies in San Francisco. Led by Eric McFadden, guitarist extraordinaire, and big hearted friend, an amazing group of musicians kicked til 2 am including Loop! Station, Bernie Worrell (Parliament / Funkadelic; Woo Warriors), Dawn Silva (Brides of Funkenstein / Sly and the Family Stone), Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), Pete Sears, Ronkat (Katdelic Revival), Carol Hernandez, and legendary Meters' drummer , Ziggy Modeliste. The night was thick with abounding love and compassion and appreciation. Not to mention great music. Shaunna is grateful to have had the opportunity to share that experience with Eric and Tiffany and all her beautiful friends.

4.01.07 April Fools!! Shaunna appeared on the BBC program "The 100 Most Annoying Pop Songs We Hate To Love", which featured the 4 Non Blonde classic "What'sUp" at number 91 on the list. The program will replay throughout the month

10.31.06 -- Shaunna joins Eric McFadden and George Clinton for the Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball. This is actually the second time Shaunna played at the Cow Palace in Daly City, which is her home town. In 1976, she performed with her Junior High School Band (on trumpet) in a big Bicentennial Gala concert. Her return engagement was triumphant as she threw down along side Kevin Carnes on Drums, Ronkat on Bass and vocals, James on Bass, and Special Guest Lady MIss Kier. It was spooktacular!!

06.31.06 -- Begin European summer tour with P-Funk June 31 in Norway, ending July 23rd in Nice, FR. Shaunna is starting work with Divadelic, featuring Sativa Diva and Kendra Foster on a concept album to be released on George Clinton's custom label C Kunspyruhzy Records. visit them at

06.25.06 -- Electrofunkadelica e3+FUNKnth= music for the body, mind and soul is finally finished and available for consumption.

11.28.05 -- Check out Shaunna's latest project, Electrofunkadelica, a combination of elements from electronica, funk, Nu-metal, hip-hop, classic rock, pop, and in some cases neo-classical, mediteranian and jazz, melded and formed into contemporary music for the modern international listener.

10.20.05 -- Shaunna will appear at the Rockrgrl Music Conference sponsored by Rockrgrl Magazine in Seattle, Washington Nov. 10-12, 2005.

Shaunna is appearing on Friday Nov 11th at Studio Seven in Seattle at 8:30pm. During the conference, Hall, along with bassist Christa Hillhouse (4 Non Blondes), will perform selections from the new CD, as well as older material. Hall will also screen two short films during her showcase, and later will answer questions on a panel discussing female rock guitarists.