Shaunna Hall 

e3+FUNKnth=music for the body, mind and soul

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View Electrofunkadelica / Shaunna Hall's EPK
View Electrofunkadelica / Shaunna Hall's EPK


Shaunna Hall and the Electrofunkadelica Project


Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer Shaunna Hall's current project is called "Electrofunkadelica", and is a collection of recordings and videos written, produced and recorded almost entirely on a Macintosh Laptop computer while on the road with P-Funk between 2002-2005.

"Electrofunkadelica: e3+FUNKnth=music for the body, mind and soul" includes performances from vocalists Lisa Cash, Paul Hill, Ronkat Spearman, Garry Shider, Clip Payne, Kendra Foster and Belita Woods, Rapper Sativa Clinton, and many instrumentalists like Christa Hillhouse, Paula O'Rourke, Kevin Carnes, Eric McFadden, Lige Curry, Cordell "Boogie" Mason, Eric McFadden, Sam Bass, Janis Tanaka, Kevin Carnes and Jerome Rogers.

Electrofunkadelica: cyborg music for the body mind and soul: electronica meets funk at a beatles convention taking place inside a virtual rollercoaster ride, with wes montgomery imitating eddie hazel on guitar, monstermashing to black sabbath.

shaunna, stefanie eulinberg, and christa hillhouse at the ROCKRGRL music conference nov 2005

The videos range from harsh political commentary to dramatic cinematic to silliness, expressing visually a wide range of feelings and emotions found in real life, made with a hi-tech, low-fi production value dichotomy. Art Films? Home Video? You decide!



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cellular 415-637-7033
voicemail: 415-333-rock
584 Castro St. #812
San Francisco, CA 94114