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Links worth checking out . - guitar and bass cabinets - professional music hardware and software - the official Jimi Hendrix site - guitar tools and accessories
Kevin Woodson - visual art: water colors, illustrations, childrens' books - Macromedia's shockwave and flash home - Hank Williams III
- No, it's not spelled wrong - The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (the royalty people) - the REAL Pennie Lane - Official Gina Hall hub site.
- - forefather and grandfather of funk - Storm - The Eric McFadden Experience - Tribe 8 - Positive Sound Massive Recordings - Legal mp3s from bands all over
Ian Dickson Photography - website of Christa Hillhouse - official 4 Non Blondes Website - a database of more music artists than you will know what to do with. - what more do you need to know?
James - custom guitars made of steel
- exactly what it says, but you won't believe your eyes! - the dark art of Michael Manning - this centuries' dianetics? - photographer extraordinare - for thinkers and drinkers - grand-heir to the Clinton throne - a clinton discovery, beautiful vocals - Clip Payne's Label: Drugs;420; etc. - 90.7 fm Berkeley, the best radio station in america.
                                             University of California Campus. Real Networks web stream, too! - the most important independent performance artist of our lifetime - live art delivered fresh daily - 3 out of 6 Eric McFadden Experience Members. (But Not Me) - Leslie Mah's tattoo site. Oh Yeah.
- san francisco independent distribution collective - shaunna's music software of choice
Bounty Music - Maui's finest - the best strings, and they come in Pink!! - clever and entertaining talk show with a twist - independent artist internet distribution company and retail store - Citris and company, funkin' things up in Colorado - guitars you will like - straps and cases for the serious guitarist