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The Power of NOW  

The Power of NOW
"Nebulla Star"
National Organization of Women




the bb kink show


George Clinton and His Gangsters of Love  

George Clinton & His Gangsters of Love
"Stillness in Motion"
Shanachie Records


Lee Scratch Perry CD Cover  

Lee Scratch Perry -
Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered
"Headz Gonna Roll"
Megawave Records




George Clinton Live   George Clinton &   Parliament Funkadelic
became a full time guitarist


Electrofunkadelica CD Cover   Electrofunkadelica
"e3+FUNKnth = music for the body, mind, and soul"
make Music, not war! records


420 Funk Mob Alive in Spain  

420 Funk Mob
Alive in Spain

The 3rd Eye   The Third Eye Video
w/ Margot
van Ham


Tribe8 Thanks for the Mammaries CD Cover   Tribe 8
Rebel Girl & Bachelor Pad
Eric McFadden Dementia CD Cover   Eric McFadden
  2 CD compilation


Eric McFadden Devil Moon CD Cover   Eric McFadden - Devil Moon
Guitar on Good Bye
recorded at Doggbutt Studios, Oaksterdam


Storm Inc.

Eric McFadden Experience


Dog Ass

Storm, Inc.


The Eric McFadden Experience
Tamale Loco (Shockwave)



Alien Lovestock  

Alien Lovestock
"Planet of the Fish"
Alien Love NMX Records
composer w/ George Clinton and Eric McFadden



The Flying Other Brothers   The Flying Other Bros.
"DEMO" engineer
"IPO" producer/engineer
"Secondary" producer/engineer


Eric McFadden  

The Eric McFadden Experience
"Our Revels Now Are Ended"
NMX Records
acoustic & electric guitar
: "Macaroon"

    George Clinton and the San Francisco Allstars
"Gina Hall Show" Theme Song
    The Gina Hall Show
composer/internet sound design


Tribe 8   Tribe 8
"Role Models for Amerika"
Alternative Tenticles Records
Co-Producer and guest electric guitar
"Het Punx (Opie 'N Alli's Song)"
"Hapa Girl"
guest vocal "Sunbears (Extended Dance Remix)"


    Crocodile Tears
Mr.Toads' Demo
electric guitars/producer of guitars
Nicodemus   Nicodemus
"Dance Hall Giant"
PSM Recordings
electric guitar
Eric McFadden  

Eric McFadden
"Who's Laughing Now"

NMX Records
guest guitar- acoustic 6 string: "Details"
12 string:"Almost Dreaming"



The Alcohol of Fame   Alcohol of Fame
"Gush Studio Demo"
producer/electric guitars/composer


The Alcohol of Fame   Alcohol of Fame
"Mendocino Demo"
electric guitars/composer
    Crocodile Tears
4 song demo
electric guitars


Tribe 8   Tribe 8
"Fist City"
Alternative Tenticles Records
guest electric guitar


Bad Dog Play Dead   Bad Dog Play Dead
    Positive Sound Massive
"Sex and Guns"
PSM Recordings
7" Vinyl


4 Non Blondes

4 Non Blondes



4 Non Blondes
"Bigger, Better, Faster, More!"
Interscope Records
electric & acoustic guitars
Calling All the People
Dear Mr. President
Morphine & Chocolate

No Place Like Home
Calling all the People
Old Mr. Hefer